A Step-by-Step Guide to Specifying and Ordering
your MWE Stainless Steel Ladder : 

The information below should give you an overview of the sorts of questions we will need to review with you before your ladder order can move forward. For more complex ladder systems, we will work with MWE on producing a shop drawing for your review and approval before moving forward with fabrication.  CALL TODD TO START THE PROCESS : +1-888-636-1627


STEP 1 : Ladder Height. 

This is measured vertically from the finished floor to the centerline of the rail. For Positionable ladders provide the height of 


STEP 2 : Rail Length(s). 

What is the overall length of the rail? If you have multiple rails.

In a situation with a corner that will have a curved rail (VARIO LADDERS), measure each straight leg along the surface of the wall and we'll figure out the correct curved rail connections. If you need a radius other than the minimum 14", let us know. For situations with other curved conditions, just give us a call to discuss : +1-888-636-1627

Function & Features : 

STEP 3 : Operation? Lean it. Hook it. Roll it. Check out the different ladder functions.

For details on the following steps, please review the Features & Options page.

STEP 4 : Round or Rectangular profiles for side rails?

STEP 5 : Rungs or Steps? If relevant, material and finish.

STEP 6 : Rail Mount Spacing and Rose Diameter

STEP 7 : Feet or Auto-Braking Casters? 

STEP 8 : Safety Rails? Necessary for taller ladders. 

STEP 9 : Finish? Satin, Polished or Powder-coated, MWE is the undisputed champion of finishing stainless steel. 

If you're ready to discuss your project, fill out this contact form or CALL TODD : +1-888-636-1627