• How much weight can these ladders carry? MWE ladders can carry up to 330-pounds.
  • What's the tallest ladder MWE can make? MWE can make realistically usable ladders of up to 15' feet or so.  The determining factor is the  weight of the ladder itself.  Stainless steel is a dense and heavy material and a taller ladder can become heavy and cumbersome to move.  MWE can provide casters at the bottom of the ladder, but these casters have a weight-activated braking system, so at around 12-14' the weight of the ladder itself would activate the casters, making them inoperable.  At those heights, ladders would weigh 70-80 lbs., which might be an issue for many users.
  • How wide are the ladders. Can I get a custom width? The standard ladder width is 17". Please check the drawings for each ladder type for more information. Custom widths are available for upcharge, but the width change cannot be so large that tube rungs would deflect with usage. 
  • Standard height from step to step? It's about 10". 
  • Standard standing angle for all ladders is 10° except Positionable which is 20°. Custom angles are possible but result in an up-charge and longer lead times and are subject to the manufacturer's consent.  
  • How much do the ladders weigh? A Standard 8ft. Ladder with rungs weighs around 25 lbs. 

Below is a chart detailing the estimated number of rungs/treads and ladder weight for different heights. The weight of the ladder is important to consider if you are considering a hook ladder that you would want to move from one rail to another . 

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 12.09.26 PM.png
  • How long will it take to get my ladder? For most standard ladder systems the lead time is 8-10 weeks from approval of shop drawings. Shorter lead times are possible, so call Todd for more information: +1-888-636-1627. 
  • How is my ladder shipped? MWE ladders are made in Germany and shipped directly to you. All components are carefully packed and shipped in a crate to protect it in transit. You will receive your ladder completely assembled. The rail, mounts and attachment hardware will require assembly. 
  • How do I prep for installation of the rail? For a drywall install, the 40mm and 50mm diameter mounts are recommended and solid blocking is required for the entire length of the rail. For mounting onto wood cabinetry or shelving, the smaller mounts are also possible as long as the mounting bolts are 
  • How do I keep my ladder looking gorgeous? We sell the best cleaner MWE has found for their stainless steel. After years of testing they settled on this formula. Considering how much time they spend cleaning stainless steel, they would know. Buy it now at
  • Do the wheels on the auto-lock casters mark the floor? No. The black plastic is non-marring. 
  • How high does the hook move above the rail when a hook ladder is in its vertical position? > 2-3/8" (59mm)
  • How deep is a standard ladder with steps when it is in the vertical position? > 3-1/8" (80mm)
  • How deep is a standard ladder with steps and Safety Rails? > 6-1/2" (165mm)